Things You Probably Didn’t Know about Prada

3 Impressive Things You Didn’t Know about Prada

The high-fashion brand, Prada, has the rare ability to relate function to form and continues to create and innovate in the world of haute couture. The goal of the brand is to produce more sustainable fashion products and promote sensitivity to the future. To say the very least, Prada is not merely iconic but exclusive within haute couture circles. You can only buy Prada products if money is absolutely no object. The House of Prada was started by Mario Prada in 1913. Prada produces leather handbags, luggage, shoes, prêt-à-porter, perfumes and various accessories. Now, it has its headquarters in Milan, Italy, with over 618 boutiques globally. The current artistic director and head designer hails from the original family, and she is Miuccia Prada. Apart from the rich family founding father of Prada, there are some exciting and impressive facts about Prada that you should know about.

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A Family Business

A lesser-known, interesting Prada fact is that it started as a company selling leather items and animal goods. It was known as Fratelli Prada at the time. The shop, based in Milan, Italy, imported English steamer trunks for sale. The shop also sold handbags for women. However, Mario Prada, the patriarch of the Italian fashion house, didn’t feel that women were capable of any role in the family business. As a result, he prevented them from joining the company. Ironically, his son exhibited no interest in the family business, so Luisa, Mario’s daughter, succeeded Mario and took the helm of Prada for two decades. Miuccia Prada, Luisa’s daughter, joined the company in 1970 and took over the reins from her mother in 1978. She runs the company today.

Innovation and Change

When Miuccia began to take charge, she created waterproof backpacks made of a versatile nylon material called Pocone. Then, in 1977, she met Patrizio Bertelli, an Italian businessman who had started his own leather firm at 24. He joined Prada soon after this. He was Miuccia’s leading advisor on company business. Miuccia blindly followed his vital advice. As a result, Prada discontinued importing English raw materials and goods and began producing items locally.

Prada Transformed

An important Prada fact in the history of the company’s success lies in Bertelli’s changes to the business. Miuccia brought in the creative streak with her designs. In 1979, she introduced the first collection of Prada totes and backpacks. They were made of a sturdy military specification nylon material that her grandfather used to cover steamer trunks with. They were Prada’s first commercial hit. From then on, the company has seen uncharted success with its exclusive luggage and leather goods.

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