The History of Paris Fashion Week

A Brief History of The Parisian Fashion Week

Paris Fashion week is the birthplace of haute couture. It is without a doubt one of the premier fashion events in the world. Many top designers and brands came into the limelight thanks to this event. The Paris Fashion Week is held in the capital of France during spring/summer and autumn/winter. Top fashion brands like Chanel, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, and Dior participate in the event. Did you know about the history of this famous event? Read on to find out how it started and many other facts.

How Paris Became a Fashion Capital

The History

While fashions showings were happening in Paris even during the 18th century, it was in 850 that the idea of a fashion show came up. Charles Fredrick Worth, who is considered the father of haute couture, is credited with this. He was the one who pioneered the concept of fashion shows where models presented different designs.

Leading designers like Christian Dior and Yves Saint Laurent held fashion shows. Fashion show week formally originated in 1973. The Federation Francaise de la Couture was formed. They held a show intending to restore the Palace of Versailles. Five French designers were pitted against five American designers. 

The show highlighted the growing tension between Paris and New York. It was a fact that New York had become a hotspot for fashion, and this was creating tension in Paris. The fashion week was intended to highlight the importance of Paris. It is popularly believed that the Americans were the winners. The show is popularly referred to as the ‘Battle of Versailles’. The diversity in the show with black models was the highlight of the first show.

Why is Paris Fashion Week so important?

The Continued Evolution

Fashion shows were private events until 984 when the public was first invited to a show. It was the designer Thierry Mugler who held the first public show in 1984 in the Zenith stadium. There were more than 6,000 people. After that, Karl Lagerfeld took fashion week to the next level by creating a Chanel supermarket with authentic products for a show. 

The Paris Fashion Week has been happening at different venues over the years. Chanel prefers to host their shows at the Le Grand Palais, while Louis Vuitton’s shows are usually at the Louvre. In addition, saint Laurent has held many shows underneath the Eiffel Tower. 

Paris Fashion Week is today a significant event. Custom-built sets are used as the backdrop for the shows. Each season does its best to outshine the previous helping fashion week become a part of posterity. 

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