Meeting The Haute Couture Designer Elie Saab

3 Great Things to Discover about Elie Saab

Best known for the most fairy-tale wedding gowns on the planet, Elie Saab has made headlines in the world of haute couture. He’s the favoured designer for several celebrities, from Angelina Jolie to Aishwarya Rai Bachan, at the Cannes Film Festival year in and year out. His dresses flatter the silhouettes of women and blend Western modernity with Middle Eastern tradition.

Growing up in the midst of the civil war (continuing) in Lebanon, Saab was a mere child when the bombs started. Upon the destruction of his hometown of Damour, the family moved residence to Beirut. When Saab was nine, he’d design dresses for his younger sisters, cutting out patterns from newspapers. Using his mother’s discarded clothes, some old lace and fancy buttons, Saab fashioned outfits for his thrilled sisters. It’s a wonder that a child, born from war, could succeed in the way of Elie Saab. Information about his background is little known, but if you want to buy a dress from one of the most gifted designers, read on.

Young Talent

Saab dropped out of college when he was 18. He was in Paris at the time, and he wished to start his own shop in his neighbourhood. Taking a huge risk, with 15 employees, Elie Saab began his design career. His dresses were warmly welcomed by rich women, and they had a flowing, almost timeless quality that appealed. High-society women lapped up his outfits, and he made dresses in block colours that were stylish and chic.

Many Firsts

The designer is already a legend with many firsts under his cap. He is the first designer of Arabic descent to become an esteemed member of the Italian official fashion authority in 1997. He showed his original collection outside his native Lebanon in 1997 also. The show was in Rome. This was a coup for a non-Western designer such as Elie Saab. Information about him was sought by the world of haute couture, and people grew curious about this new talent on the fashion scene. He also distinguishes being the first Arab to be admitted into the governing authority of fashion in France.

Famous Clientele

Some famous women have helped catapult Elie Saab to recognition on a world stage. Beirut has long since been known as the Paris of the Middle East. It is the place where culture and elegant style flows through the DNA of its populace. Sadly ravaged by war, it has produced designers like Elie Saab, who continue to do it proudly. Queen Rania of Jordan wore an Elie Saab gown for her coronation, and this defining moment has brought Saab untold success. With Halle Berry receiving her Oscar in a wine-coloured Elie Saab number, his success was sealed across North America and the West at large. His sons now run his business with Saab still designing away.

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