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Lingerie Brands to Add to Your Naughty Drawer

Lingerie Brands to Add to Your Naughty Drawer

3 Brands to Add to Your Naughty Drawer

Every woman would have a naughty drawer containing dressed for unique and intimate occasions. Luxury lingerie would be a great addition to your naughty drawer. If you are looking for the best lingerie for special occasions, luxury lingerie products come to mind. These are premium products of top quality that are a pleasure to wear and to behold. We tell you about three of the top luxury lingerie brands in the market that you must consider adding to your naughty drawer. 

1) Strumpet & Pink

Strumpet & Pink was started as a collaboration between two artists. Their lingerie products are bespoke and made especially for you. If you look for the best products that linger on the boundary between innocence and sensuality, then Strumpet & Pink is strongly recommended. Each product is hand made with the utmost care taken for quality. This is why their products are hot. The couture finishing and the unique products’ names make the lingerie from Strumpet Pink genuinely prized. You can expect the most delicate material like silk covered buttons and ruffles. They make a perfect addition to your naughty drawer. 

2) Honey Birdette

The company’s founders were not happy with the way brands were playing safe. So, they decided to include an element of danger in their lingerie collections. They have boutiques where you can get their luxury lingerie products. The boutiques are luxury personified. You can sip champagne while you shop for the best lingerie—no wonder their boutiques are known as pleasure parlours. Incidentally, the company was conceptualised during a discussion when the founders had champagne. Their collection of erotic apparel will definitely spice up your love life. Their lingerie products are known for their careful detailing. 

3) Damaris

Damaris is a well-established brand in the luxury lingerie market. If you want lingerie products that are genuinely feminine but are also erotic, this is the brand. Their lingerie products seem fairy tale in nature but have a sensual element attached to them. When you look at their collections, you will definitely fall in love with the detailing. Started in 2001, the company has created a lingerie revolution in London. Their unique and avant-garde designs are sexy and are daring. But, at the same time, they are glamorous. The brand is known for using luxurious textiles and is a have to add to your collection. 

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