Impressive Things You Probably Didn’t Know about Chanel

3Things You Probably Didn’t Know about Chanel

Everyone loves a good history lesson about fashion, whether it’s something about Princess Diana’s preferred brands to Michael Jackson’s jeans. There’s something magical about discovering anything unique, especially if it concerns a huge name in the fashion world. Chanel is synonymous with all things “luxury” and sheer elegance. No other designer, French or otherwise, has emboldened or embodied fashion like Chanel. Chanel signifies pure style in its truest form. You will be surprised to know things about Chanel that will only impress you (if you’re not already impressed), etching her legacy in your mind.

Gabrielle Chanel and Music — Inside CHANEL

The Start

The world knows the enigmatic and forever-alive Chanel as “Coco Chanel“. Her name is actually Gabrielle Chanel, nicknamed “Coco” in her youth. Early on, she wanted to work in the entertainment industry in what was to become the most impressive life in fashion. Nonetheless, realizing her talents lay elsewhere, Chanel started designing hats and set up her milliner’s boutique at 31 Rue Cambon in Paris, France. In 1913, forging her path through the world of fashion, she opened a shop of hats in Deauville. The shop had a small but elegant range of clothes created by Chanel herself.

Style and Comfort

During the early days of her life in fashion, Chanel knew something other designers hadn’t an inkling of. Ladies wished to look stylish and be comfortable at the same time. Chanel created her initial collection with this consideration in mind, extolling the values of freedom and comfort. She banished ornaments in favour of line and form. Additionally, Chanel put jerseys into her clothing, a fabric so relaxed that it embraced the contours of a woman’s figure in the most flattering of ways. She believed that women had to feel they could move freely in clothes, even in suits at the office.

Gabrielle Chanel and Literature — Inside CHANEL

The Oldest Active Design House

The House of Chanel is the oldest active fashion house in the world of haute couture. Established at No. 31 Rue Cambon in 1918, this is the designer’s fashion house that has stood the test of time and trends throughout her career and life (1883-1971). Proudly as it stands to this day, it is the epitome of everything that encapsulates fashion. The ateliers of Coco Chanel have been housed, by tradition, on the upper floors of the building. As historic as this building is, it attracts many international visitors, from wealthy fashionistas who want a tailor-made jacket in tweed to laypeople admiring the building. The structure is as famous as the Tour Eiffel today.

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