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How to Match Your Hair Color with Your Outfit?

How to Match Your Hair Color with Your Outfit?

Outfit Color Guide.

You would agree that there is nothing more magical than the right hair colour on a lustrous mane. It has the power to transform you into someone else. Someone more beautiful, elegant and very different from the old version. Remember the time some class A celeb from Beverly Hills coloured their hair and made you wonder, “Wow, is that really her!”. “She looks ethereal”.

We are here to tell you that we agree it was the colour that did the job of scaring you with a pleasant surprise. But there is a high possibility that their wardrobe played a role too.

One good thing makes you look like a queen. Get two three paired into one whole look, and you will turn into a goddess. So here are a few suggestions to plan an outfit and hair hue style coordinated look.

How to Play with Pastel Shades?

If you love pastels and soft shades, we got you covered. Look for lighter shades of beige and brown that tend towards the whiter colour scale. We are thinking full dyed light-coloured locks, some hydrating serum and a great pastel top or dress. Worth a second stare, we bet!

The Punk Brigade

If you love leathers and boots, there are two distinct ways you could dye your locks. One, keep them understated with hints of colour pop like neons and fluorescent colours. Or go full throttle and colour the whole of it – anything from a breezy azure blue to a pink rock chick hue will do.

There is yet another thing you could do if you are a blondie or a redhead. Colour them black, and people will not be able to recognise you. Your mates might end up confusing you with another popular rockstar singer when you visit them donning your new leathers and hair colours.

Corporate Sophistication

We get you if you have been fawning with the latest hairstyle of Sheryl Sandberg from Facebook. Or do you like how Sophia Amoruso gets her hair colour game so precisely on point every time? The key to matching hairstyles while planning a corporate wardrobe is to focus more on the details. Try hues that are less jazzy and more refined. These are usually darker shades – Burgundy, Brown, Cocoa etc. They are quite versatile because they will go well with most business outfits. But pay attention to the hairstyle – if that looks great on your face, the hair colour will only add to the appeal.

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