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How to Dress to Flatter Your Hourglass Figure?

How to Dress to Flatter Your Hourglass Figure?

Hourglass Body Shape Guide

Your outfit looks best when it is as per your body type. This article will help you choose the right outfit as per your hourglass body shape. Dressing up becomes easy when you have the right information. Keep reading to know the style guidelines and general tips to become your own stylist and create irresistible dressing ideas.

Hourglass Figure

Here is the characteristic that defines an hourglass figure:

  1. The hips and shoulders have equal width
  2. The waist is defined
  3. You have larger derrière and bust
  4. You are curvy

Tips to Dress for Hourglass Figure

Create a Balance

Your bone structure is what defines your body shape, not your weight. Therefore, the outfit should balance your bust, hips, waist, and shoulders.

Draw the Eye

Use lines in a way to draw the eye. The lines accentuate your curves and emphasize the best parts of your body.

Choose the Right Color

The human eye has a tendency to be drawn to colours, patterns, and shades. So choose bright colours over solid navy or black to catch the attention.

Tops for an Hourglass Figure

Structured and fitted tops look good on an hourglass body frame.

Wrap Tops

Wrap tops are perfect for highlighting your hourglass figure. In addition, it will make your slim waist more attractive.

Keyhole Tops

Keyhole tops offer a subtle hint of sexiness without revealing too much.

V-Neck Tops

V-neckline will draw the eye towards your midsection and will make your overall figure look wonderful.

Peplum Tops

Peplum Tops are custom-made for an hourglass figure as they mirror the hourglass shape. They offer volume for your shoulders and hips, along with a defined waist.

Jeans for an Hourglass Figure

You can show off your perfect waistline with the right pair of jeans.

High-Waisted Jeans

The rise in a high-waisted jeans defines your curves. Choose this type of jeans for a flattering fit.

Flared Jeans

The flared jeans create a perfect silhouette and perfectly balance your curvy hips and thighs.

Wide-Leg Jeans

Like flared jeans, wide-leg jeans provide proportion to your lower half and balances the figure.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans will define your natural curves. It is a must in the wardrobe of the ladies with an hourglass figure.

Choosing the right garments as per your figure take your style quotient to an upper notch. So, make sure you dress up as per your hourglass figure to accentuate your curves.

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