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How to Choose Your Sexy Skirts to Flatter Your Curves

How to Choose Your Sexy Skirts to Flatter Your Curves

Skirt Guide

There are many styles of skirts out there. Pencil, A-line, knee-length, asymmetrical, and maxi skirt. Add to that printed skirts, skirts in solid colours, and flared skirts. In addition, dresses can be made in different fabrics like denim, satin, cotton, and lace, making a choice more difficult. And if you have a curvy figure, you will want to wear a skirt that accentuates your curves without making you look heavy. So let’s help you to choose a dress that will get you a lot of compliments.

Find the perfect skirt for your body type | SKIRT GUIDE | Justine Leconte

Apple Shaped Body

Women who have an apple-shaped body are usually middle-heavy with great legs. High-waisted skirts look good on such people. High-waisted skirts have their waistbands at the slimmest point of your torso. It won’t hug your wide midriff. The skirt should end just above the knee to show off your great legs. Trumpet-style skirts flatter women with large hips.

If you are tall and have an apple-shaped figure, you will look good in flared, pleated, or layered skirts. These skirts have lots of volumes, and they make your body look proportionate. If you wear plus-sized clothes, you can go for pegged, cowl, and high waist flared skirts. Women with apple-shaped bodies will look good with skirts made of heavier fabrics. They can also go for skirts with embellishments and sequins.

Pear-Shaped Body

Maxi skirts look great on the pear-shaped body. If you are tall, then a straight pencil and paralleled skirt will look good on you. Straight, pencil, and paralleled skirts with long prints or vertical lines will make you look taller. Long skirts and A-line skirts are a good choice for women who are on the heavier side. Remember to choose skirts made of lighter and comfortable fabrics. High-waisted A-line skirts will also do an excellent job of camouflaging your heavy thighs.

Hourglass Shaped Body

You are lucky if you have an hourglass figure as any skirt will look good on you. Pencil skirts are most suited for these people, and they can also choose pegged or trumpet skirts. Strong coloured straight fit and trumpet style skirts look good on tall women with an hourglass figure. Flirty slit skirts make short women look taller.

Rectangular Shaped Body

Long flare skirts, panel detail, and full circle print skirts are best suited for people who have a rectangular body shape.

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