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How to Choose a Perfume that Best Suits Your Personality?

How to Choose a Perfume that Best Suits Your Personality?

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Your Best Perfume according to your Personality.

We have been using fragrances for more than 6,000 years. Perfumes had originated first in the Mesopotamian region, where they were used for religious purposes by burning fragrant woods. However, it was the Egyptians who mixed resins, flowers, and spices to create complex fragrances that people use even today. Scents and fragrances are very powerful as they are linked with memories and emotions. Oftentimes, experiences are captured in smells and you are almost transported back to that time when you smell that particular fragrance again.

Every scent tells a story and it is considered to be an invisible communicator of who you are. It is the final accessory to your mood. With this guide, you will be able to choose the right perfume for your personality.

Perfume Notes

The pleasant smell of the perfume can be broken down into three types of notes:

  • Top Notes: They are also known as the opening notes and they are the most lightweight ones which linger for only 5-15 minutes before fading away. The most common top notes are Citrus, Herbs, and Light Florals.
  • Heart Notes: These come as the top notes fade away. The heart notes last the longest. Some popular heart notes are Neroli, Cinnamon, Geranium, Lavender, and Jasmine.
  • Base Notes: These final perfume notes are made up of heavier and rich scents that sink into the skin for hours. They add more depth to the perfume. Some common base notes are Vanilla, Musk, Patchouli, Sandalwood, and Cedarwood.

Scent Categories for Different Personalities

Scent selection is an external expression of who you are as a person. You might find yourself liking a scent category better than the other. This is because different categories go with different personality types. Let’s explore some of them.

1. Classic

For people who like everything structured, clean and uncluttered, classic perfumes would be the best option. The fresh floral perfumes are a great choice for lending a classic and quiet glamour. Floral scents transition well from day to evening.

2. Relaxed

For people who are more easy-going and casual, aromatic and woody fragrances are the best. These simple, natural and fresh fragrances with notes of citrus and sweet spices will be a great option for people who prefer something natural.

3. Dramatic

People who love everything exciting and bold would like seductive and rich fragrances. The best choices for these personality types are amber, oriental, and heavy floral fragrances. You can opt for opulence in the form of vanilla, cinnamon, and musk, which can be enhanced by incense resins and camphorous oils.

4. Feminine

If your personality is warm and womanly, then the best perfume options are those with powdery and floral scents. You can choose soft and delicate scents like jasmine, rose that lingers on your skin and leave a soft trail of floral fragrance.

5. Rebellious

If you are non-conformist and unconventional, you can express your personality by using Gourmand and Leather scents. You can choose perfumes with wood, honey, and tobacco notes, which can be enhanced by vanilla and tonka bean scents.

With this guide, you will be able to choose the right perfume that compliments your personality. However, you can always try to experiment with different perfumes to see which suits you best.

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