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How to Authenticate Hermès Birkin Bags?

How to Authenticate Hermès Birkin Bags?

Basic Guide to Buying a Pre-Owned Birkin

We all love our bags, and if the case at hand is aHermès-made Birkin, it wouldn’t be an overstatement to say the bag is the most coveted currently. But, as it goes with every bag that’s coveted, Birkins are not impervious to high-quality counterfeits. So, if you opt to buy a pre-owned Birkin bag, you need to be vigilant to ensure you are not paying top dollar for a knock-off. So, here’s how you can spot the fake in one take:

How to Authenticate Hermès Birkin Bags (Secret Vintage Collection)


Measure the Birkin bag’s width across the bottom. An original will be in exact measurements with standardized sizes (25, 30, 35, 40, and 50 centimetres). A knock-off would be off by a few centimetres or even millimetres.


Birkin bags have only the best leather, with no flaw in the original skin, even if there are scratches from the previous owner. Another tell is the absence of lining or the presence of self-lining. 

Feet and Handles

Birkins come with smooth metallic hardware (palladium or gold). It is in the same colour as the feet, which are hammered in. Likewise, the handles often have over stitches on the stress points and are upside-down U shape. Counterfeits may not have these.


An original bag will have an unzipped pocket inside and a zipped pocket on the back. These zips are made by Hermés (so no external manufacturer name should be there) and have a subtle lustre.


Each Birkin bag is created by a single craftsman by hand using a tough two-needle technique. While the stitches are meticulous, they are not as even as machine stitches. As a result, it’s easy to spot the difference between the two stitches.

Date Samps and Maker’s Marks 

Unlike other luxury bags, Birkins don’t come with an authenticity card or serial numbers. Instead, it has heating stamps of alphabets that match the colour of the hardware. These letters indicate the year of manufacture.


Hermès bags, as mentioned above, use leather (only the best). The brand started with saddles back in the day. Therefore, each bag from Hermès has a lovely leather smell that counterfeits don’t. 

Dust Bag 

Birkins always have a dust bag. These also have the Maison’s Calèche logo, placed inside a double circle. An authentic bag will have this along with a thick fabric as a protective cover with well-sewn seams and drawstring.

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