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Hermès – Highest Degree of Richness & Luxury

Hermès – Highest Degree of Richness & Luxury

Brief History of Hermès

The name “Hermès” originates from the Greek god of messages and commerce. The House of Hermès began not as an haute couture brand but as a maker of leather saddles. It has existed for more than 177 years. There are 315 stores of the brand worldwide today, and it is popular for the wealthiest French fashion accessories, from bags to belts and scarves. Mostly known for its fine crafted leather handbags and wallets, the brand stands for the highest degree of richness and luxury possible, surpassing Vuitton and Dior in its leather goods and terms of luxury.

The famous Paris store has celebrities and royalty visiting it frequently. Known for its one-of-a-kind Birkin bags, anyone today must have at least a single model. The Paris store on the Rue de Sevres has a quaint and exclusive café and bookstore, reserved for only the best customers. There are many great things to know about this French designer brand, but there is space for only three great things in this piece.

Story of an exceptional saddle-maker at Hermès

Creation of Signature Boxes

Hermès has created signature looks for decades. Even its shoe boxes are so distinctive; it is a well-known fact that Hermès customers store shoes in their original boxes. The iconic Hermès orange boxes were original cream-coloured creations with a gilded edge (imitating pigskin). After this, they were mustard with a dark brown piped edge. Now they are quintessential vivid orange boxes with stark black piping. These initially debuted after World War Two. The reason for the colour was a lack of choice. This was the only colour available at the time, as there was an acute shortage of goods due to the war.

Scarves and Bags

About signature lines and looks, Hermès, as a French designer brand, is famous for two must-have bags – the Kelly and the Birkin. They were named after Grace Kelly, a Hollywood actor and then the Princess of Monaco, and Jane Birkin. These symbolize the themes of ”women of substance” and are the go-to collectables of the rich and famous today. In addition to original leather bags, the French designer is known for scarves crafted in pure silk. The length of thread required to craft 1,000 Hermes Carre scarves is the same distance between the Moon and planet Earth!

15 Things You Didn’t Know about Hermès

A Family Business

Pierre Alexis Dumas, a 6th generation family member, is Artistic Director of the brand, Hermès. Although born with the proverbial silver spoon in his mouth, Dumas claims he wasn’t given his role on a platter. Instead, he had to work for it, proving himself over several years.

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