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D&G – The Devotion Collection

D&G – The Devotion Collection

Dolce&Gabbana’s Devotion Bags & Shoes Collection

Dolce & Gabbana’s Devotion collection melds exquisite craftsmanship with ornate embellishing to create romantic pieces that are everlasting. The luxury fashion house brought its signature luxurious aesthetic to a timeless motif-the heart. The ‘Sacro Cuore emblem at the centre of each Devotion bag and shoe is meant to represent Jesus Christ’s endless love and devotion for humanity. The line also draws inspiration from classic romantic movies and the designer duo’s devotion to style, creativity and innovation.

Dolce&Gabbana Devotion Bag – The Making Of

For The Woman Who Enjoys The Spotlight

The luxury fashion house’s trademark maximal glamour is reflected in the attention to detail and intricate design of the Devotion line of products. A Devotion woman likes to stand out and be noticed. The distinctive heart at the centre of Devotion bags and shoes gives them an instantly recognisable edge. You cannot hide with the sumptuous Devotion handbag on your arm or lush Devotion shoes on your feet. This iconic Devotion handbags and shoes are available in a variety of colours, prints and sizes. From fiery red and purple to sophisticated black and gold, the Devotion handbag line runs the gamut. The shoes also span a range of colours and patterns-from denim slingbacks to powder pink pumps; there is something for every mood.

For The Woman Who Craves Romance

The filigree heart that adorns each piece in the Devotion line symbolises the craftsmanship and detailing that embodies the D&G brand. Prestige and high-end glamour are the hallmarks of Dolce & Gabbana. And with the Devotion line, they are met with an unabashed love of romance and faith. The bag is perfect for a woman of substance who appreciates the mixture of modern and traditional at the heart of the Devotion collection. And with good reason-from celebrities to aristocracy, the line has found admirers in women of taste worldwide.

For The Woman Who Seeks High-End Glamour

Handcrafted in Italy, the Devotion collection of handbags and shoes comes in various materials and colours. The sacred heart attached to each Devotion product is surrounded by pearls and foliage, giving them an exquisitely romantic look. The bags come with a leather or brass shoulder strap and in both mini and micro models. The shoes offer a similar variety.

For The Woman Who Demands Prestige

Luxury fashion fanatics and tastemakers alike will appreciate the in-your-face allure of the Devotion line. The distinctive crest that adorns each bag and shoe is covered in 24 karat gold leaf, giving them a queenly charm. Purveyors of high-end exclusive fashion will appreciate the Devotion line’s ageless aesthetic bound in deep-rooted tradition. The designer brand’s seductive image is also represented in each Devotion product’s rich colours and elegant detailing.

For a Woman of Substance

Become an object of desire and envy with a Devotion bag slung on your arm and a Devotion shoe ornamenting your feet. The Devotion line is perfect for a discerning fashionista who spends her mind as much as her wallet. The luxury line embodies all that makes the D&G brand truly unique-statement making pieces with flair—a must-have irrespective of season or trends. Get yours now.

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