Christian Dior, from Paris to The World

Brief History of Dior, The iconic Fashion House

Dior, the man, Christian Dior, described as a “nimble genius” by Jean Cocteau, forged a leading fashion brand between 1947 and 1957, a decade. Dior worked hard on building a brand that is akin to high fashion as bees are to honey. During this period, Christian Dior became a fashion icon, as did his fashion house. With excellent creative directors at the helm, Yves Saint Laurent, to name the single best, Dior is now a brand of elegance personified. The tradition of femininity and simple chic has stood the test of time and only risen with each age, embracing trends of the moment while respecting classic style aspects. 

How Christian Dior Invented Fashion

Dior and Fashion

As a fashion house and brand, the House of Dior, known for its traditional lines, is creative and up-to-date. In a single decade, Christian Dior sealed the fate of the fashion world by putting his stamp on it, to be cast in stone for future years. The brand, borne out of the post-war era, is today the juxtaposition of modern and classic. 

Christian Dior ran a small art gallery bought for him by his father. Always believing that fashion stems from a dream, he treated art with kid gloves, loving every minute of this new-found profession. At the gallery, he was exposed to the creativity of the likes of Pablo Picasso. This is where the seeds of his own innovation in design grew and creeped up on him slowly. 

The Great Depression

The Great Depression of 1929 saw Europe in economic turmoil. Nonetheless, Christian Dior came from an affluent background, given the fact that the art gallery his father bought him was a privileged investment. Still, the art gallery business was in shambles soon, and Dior, already prone to high fashion, began working. First, he started his career with fashion designer Robert Piguet. Then, in 1940, he joined the military. Finally, after two years of seeing his calling back to the fashion world, he started working with couturier Lucien Lelong. This was at the design house of Balmain. By 1946, he was noticed for his distinctive silhouettes and began the House of Dior. 

The world of Monsieur Dior in his own words

Dior, The Man

Known to be extremely superstitious, he displayed this in a lot of his collections. For instance, each Christian Dior show had a single model adorn his favourite flower, a lily. In another instance, a single coat had to be named after his birthplace called Granville. He never held a show without consultations with his tarot card reader. In 1957, Dior met the mother of Yves Saint Laurent, Lucienne Mathieu-Saint Laurent, to inform her of his plans to choose her son as his successor at the House of Dior. She was confused by the visit and wondered why a man of 52 had come to visit her with such plans. In the same year, shortly later, Dior suffered a heart attack which proved fatal. Yves Saint Laurent became Artistic Director of Dior at only 21. 

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