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Choosing Your Best Swimwear Colours

Choosing Your Best Swimwear Colours

Swimwear Colour Guide

A good piece of swimwear can make or break your look on a holiday beach getaway or a pool party. And when it comes to swimming clothes, the colour becomes all the more important. You could choose many shades from – be it a trendy or a classic look, the colour needs to hit that sweet spot. There indeed is a sea of colours to pick from. And we have tried to make that work easier for you. We have catalogued a nice set of pastels and hues to choose from. Have a look.

Cyan and Aquamarine

These twinning-with-the-lagoon shades blend in and yet, stand out simultaneously – they help you play a game of camouflage and contrast. We think eccentric bikinis pepped up with some vintage neckpieces on a Hawaiian getaway. What do you think?

Lemon Yellow and Ochre Tints

Yellow is fresh. Yellow is sunshine. Yellow is youthful. Yellow is spirited. A tangerine yellow ruffle swimsuit gets that beach bod on fire. Or it could be a simple and elegant bikini paired with oleander tucked between your lustrous locks.

Plain Pure Red

A personification of luxury, red is audacious femininity without an apology. A lass needs to let people know that she really is one – a red tie-front two-piece swimsuit is the right choice to turn heads in that penthouse pool party.

Bronze, Copper and Burnt Sienna

Popularised by the Kardashians and the Jenners, there is no better time to spot these shades than now. Selling like hotcakes, the tints are strewn across every social media luxury lifestyle page. They blend in with your skin tone flawlessly. Remember there were times when fashion editors would punch a “You can’t go wrong with black” tagline into their columns? That has changed now. It’s a “You can’t go wrong with browns”.

Kittenish Magenta

Flashy and fab, a magenta tankini encapsulates quirk and grandeur into one outfit. This could be your eyeball charmer on an elite party or a seaside villa dine-in soiree. Couple it up with some golden Tiffany hoops, and you are good to steal glances.

Lilac and White

We teamed these babies together because they are such soft and tender shades. They have this dreaminess, and they are so versatile too. You could play with them – layering in uncountable ways. Besides, white is the best colour to show privilege and class.

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