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Cartier, an Inspirational History

Cartier, an Inspirational History

Brief History of Cartier

Cartier is a known name in the world for its unique jewellery and watches. They have a presence across the globe, with 200 boutiques spanning 60 countries.

The Birth of Cartier

Cartier began its journey in the year 1847 in Paris. Jeweler Louis Francois Cartier was the visionary apprentice who took over his master’s jewellery store to start a new chapter in fine jewellery and watches. Louis Francois Cartier set the trend by number stamping the products made in his workshop.

Cartier Savoir-Faire: Exceptional Diamond Pairing Magnitude

The Growth Years

The opening of a splendid store in Rue de la Paix, Paris, was the first significant milestone for Cartier. Louis’s son Alfred expanded the Cartier brand by establishing stores in New York and London in 1909. Louis’s great-grandchildren Louis, Jacques, and Pierre, diversified the business in their own unique styles. Cartier was a family-owned business till 1964. In 1964 Cartier stores around the world were sold off separately. At present, Cartier is owned by the Richemont Group.

Path Breaking Products

The creation of the first wristwatch in 1904 was a historic step for Cartier. This watch was named Santos Dumont. The year 1910 saw the first crown designed by Cartier. This crown featuring a swirl pattern and royal laurel was designed for Elizabeth II. This year also saw the sale of Blue Hope diamond to an American customer by Pierre Cartier. Finally, the year 1911 saw the Santos de Cartier wristwatch launch, which was an upgrade of the Santos Dumont model.

Cartier saw more fame in 1912 when the Mystery Clock was launched. This unique design of this clock with suspended hands attracted a lot of attention for the brand. In 1914 Cartier launched the women’s watches with panther motifs made of onyx and diamonds. Animal prints later became an integral part of Cartier’s designs.

Cartier Savoir-Faire: Cartier Specific Expertise – Panthere Fur Setting

The Tank wristwatch with a square dial was created in 1919. The Trinity ring was unveiled in 1925. This three-coloured ring with a simple design has turned into an international symbol for Cartier. Cartier has created pieces like the smallest wristwatch, Patiala necklace, Caged Bird brooch, and love bracelet through the years. In 1997 Cartier created a necklace designed like a serpent. This necklace is encrusted with diamonds and two pear-cut emeralds as part of its Fine jewellery collections launched as part of its 150th-anniversary celebrations.

Cartier continues its launch of new watch collections and fine jewellery. In addition, it has expanded to Asia and opened stores in India and China.

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