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Can I Match My Lipstick Color to My Shoes & Bag?

Can I Match My Lipstick Color to My Shoes & Bag?

Lipstick Colour Guide.

Lipstick is a style statement. Shoes and bags are also perfectly capable of making their own statements. If you are not careful, your lipstick, shoes and bag can end up making contradictory style statements. We give you some tips to make style statements with your lipstick shoes and bags.


It is a safe bet to remain in the same colour family but with lighter or darker shades. Wearing shoes, bags, and lipstick of the same shade can be tricky. If your bag is small, then they can combine to give a calm look. But this does not work with red. Red shoes, bags, and lipstick will look overwhelming.

It is better to match lipstick with either bags or shoes. The lipstick shade can even be matched with your outfit, belt, earring, scarf, etc. If you are wearing matching lipstick and shoes, then let the bag do its own thing. If your red lips match your red bag, then wear shoes in different shades. Bold red lips go well with black shoes and a bag.

In shades like pink, you can choose a dark shaded lip colour with light-toned bags or shoes or vice versa.

Style Statement

If your bag is making a style statement, it is better to choose a nude shade for the lips and let the bag hog the limelight. Shoes and bags should be of the same material. They can also be of the same shade or contrasting shades, but they should not clash with each other. If the bags are overstated, then it is best to keep the shoes and lips understated.


Printed bags go very well with printed shoes provided that don’t compete for attention. But in this case, the lips will have to take a back seat. Prints tend to seek attention. Therefore, it is best to use one printed accessory at a time.

Metallic Hues

Metallic tones combine well with each other and other tones. Metallic bags and shoes look good with each other. But the lips will have to be toned down. If you are going for a metallic lip shade, everything else will have to be tone down. Metallic lip shades are extremely attention-seeking, and they need their space. So metallic bags and shoes should never be matched with metallic lips unless you want to turn heads for the wrong reasons.

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