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Brief History of Narciso Rodriguez Parfums

Brief History of Narciso Rodriguez Parfums

How Did Narcizo Rodriguez Start Creating Fragrances?

Narciso Rodriguez is a fashion designer renowned for his designs that highlight femininity, shooting up in popularity with his bias-cut wedding dress for Carolyn Bessette. Since then, Rodriguez’s designs have been spotted by several celebrities, including Sarah Jessica Parker and Jessica Alba. In addition, his work in the fashion industry has been awarded several Designer of the Year awards from the Council of Fashion Designers of America. 

Aside from his stunning dresses, Rodriguez is renowned for creating iconic fragrances, all of which have won over the hearts of women and the Fragrance Foundation (FiFi). So how did this wonderful journey of Narciso Rodriguez perfumes start? Let’s take a quick look. 

Narciso Rodriguez – Unlimited Stories

Love for fragrances

Narciso Rodriguez has always been fascinated with fragrances since childhood. As a child, he loved the smell of Gardenias and Orange blossoms. His love for musk, which lies in the centre of all his perfumes, originated in his teenage years when a friend gifted him Egyptian musk. As an adult, Rodriguez used musk all the time and naturally included it in his signature perfumes. 

Development of Narciso Rodriguez for Her

The development of Rodriguez’s first signature perfume Narciso Rodrguez for Her, started as an accompaniment for his circa 2001 line. He collaborated with perfumers Christine Nagel and Francis Kurkdjian for this perfume and the flankers that followed it. 

His love for musk led to Rodriguez keeping Egyptian musk as the centrepiece of the perfume and subsequent versions. During the development process, the Cuban-American designer reached out to the women he worked with including, Sara Jessica Parker, for opinions on the fragrance. 

Narciso Rodriguez – For Her Musc Noir

The success of for Her

Narciso Rodriguez for Her hit the markets in 2003 and experienced instant success. It would be an understatement to say that for Her gained cult status after its launch. 

 The perfume won the British FiFi Award for Best New Fragrance in 2003 and the Women’s Nouveau Niche award in 2004.

Almost a decade after the launch, the perfume fetched Rodriguez the FiFi Award for Most Iconic Fragrance of the Past Decade in 2012. Even today, the demand for the fragrance is high, making it a best-selling fragrance at Bloomingdale’s and other retail stores. 

The success of for Her was followed by different versions of the original perfume. The new versions retained the musk centrepiece and playing with the accompanying fragrances. These flankers were equally loved by women around the world. 

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