All You Need to Know about London Fashion Week

The History of London Fashion Week.

The London Fashion Week is considered to be one of the biggest fashion events in the world. It is counted among the ‘Big Four’ fashion weeks, which includes the Paris, New York, and Milan fashion weeks. It is usually held twice every year, in the months of February and September.

The First London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week was launched by a non-profit trade group called the British Fashion Council, which was founded in 1983 with the intention of promoting British fashion design to the world. With the launch of the London Fashion Week, the tradition of British Fashion Awards and title of British Designer of the Year was also started. The first London Fashion Week was held in the car park in West London in 1984. The event saw the debut of many young designers like David Fielden, Betty Jackson, John Galliano. It also saw the debut of famous model Kate Moss.

After the ‘80s

The London Fashion Week had a successful beginning in the 1980s, after which it saw a period of decline. As a result of the recession, the London Fashion Week in the year 1992 saw only a handful of designers coming out into the scene. It was held in a few rooms booked at the Ritz. However, it was an important year for the fashion industry as it was the debut of Alexander McQueen, who went on to become the biggest name in the British fashion scene. In the year 1995, a collection by Stella McCartney was sold out.

The British fashion industry saw the emergence of a debate about the propagation of anorexia and eating disorders in the fashion world. This was sparked in 1997 when Sophie Dahl walked the runway in size 14, which was considered to be in stark contrast to the other models. The unrealistic standards and the affinity to size zero models in the fashion industry was criticized heavily.

The London Fashion Week in the 2000s

In the 2000s, the London Fashion Week (LFW) saw many difficulties, with a number of famous British designers Stella McCartney and Alexander McQueen seeking European fashion houses to showcase their collections. Besides this, the designers from the United States were reluctant to travel after the 9/11 tragedy. As a result, a new fashion trend of high-street affordable fashion was introduced. The famous brand Topshop was the first store to be featured in the London Fashion Week in 2005. By the late 2000s, many other brands like Burberry were also introduced in the LFW. Notably, LFW was the first fashion week that decided to ban the use of fur in 2018.

Another trend that started in the 2000s was the introduction of live-streaming of fashion shows. With many steps taken for the promotion of British fashion, it was found that the fashion industry had contributed around £32.3 billion to the GDP of the United Kingdom.

In the present day, the LFW is usually held in a dedicated space in Central London, called the Store X on 180 The Strand. The unique feature about this is that it makes the LFW the first fashion week to have a showroom and space for fashion shows in the same area.

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Courtesy of British Fashion Council
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