For the last years, the Fashion and the Beauty industry changed and revolutionized; Curvy Gorgeous Magazine was born to be part of this positive change, to contribute to making all the women out there feel comfortable in their own skins.

Curvy Gorgeous is a modern, comprehensive and inspiring magazine created to give a safe home to all women passionate about great Fashion, Lifestyle, Designers, Luxury and of course, Beauty.

Beauty is about being confident and feeling confortable in your own skin

If you love feeling beautiful and looking fabulous, then this probably will be your favourite place. So let’s get inspired by the latest trends out there!

Curvy Gorgeous is the synonim for the culture of Fashion and Lifestyle

Day after day, Curvy Gorgeous presents the best from the international world of fashion with a unique journalistic and artistic quality and introduces new talents and trends.

Curvy Gorgeous gathers beauty and fashion experts to get its sophisticated readers an exclusive insight into the world of Savoire-Faire and Exclusivity.

The Curvy Gorgeous Magazine’s readers are self-confident women with amazing personalities who are ready to conquer the world.