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A Wedding Shoe Guide for Every Bride

A Wedding Shoe Guide for Every Bride

Finding Your Perfect White Shoes

So you have set the date. Now it’s time to go bridal shopping. While you may focus most of your energy on the dress, make sure to pay equal attention to wedding shoes. Finding shoes that match your dress is necessary and a quest you must partake in as a bride. If you are confused about where to start, here are some tips that will help you: 

1. What’s your style?

First things first, decide what bride you want to be. Are you going for a more retro look? Or are tulle and layers your thing? Depending on what style you choose, the dress and shoes may need to be bought from different places. Having a clear idea of what look you want at the end will help you find the right outfit for the day. 

2. Dress first, shoes later

You may have found the shoes first, but don’t buy anything yet. It is always smart to finalize the dress before buying the shoes. For instance, if your dress has certain sequins or some tulle, you can ensure to find a shoe that goes with it. It’s easier than finding a dress that would go with the shoes. 

3. Know your options

Yes, buying the dress is the first thing to do. However, nothing stops you from researching shoe styles and designs. It’s always good to know your options. Check out magazines or visit nearby outlets to look at their inventory of wedding shoes. Who knows? Wedding dress inspiration may even hit you when you are going through wedding shoe collections. 

4. Wear it first

As with any shoe shopping, you must follow the golden rule—wear it first. Then, you need to wear and walk in it to know if it fits you. The consequence of skipping this tiny step is finding that your shoe doesn’t fit you on the morning of your wedding. Avoid all that stress by trying out several pairs of shoes during your shopping to find the best fit.  

5. Are you comfortable?

Finally, but most importantly, consider your comfort. You will be on your feet for a considerable amount of time on your wedding day. Therefore, when choosing your shoes, make sure to think about your comfort. While at it, it would be smart to consider the venue of the ceremony. Is it a ballroom or a garden? The answer to this will tell you what you should be wearing. 

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